Our Off the Shelf Solutions


Our Pick/Despatch solution provides a major improvement on standard Sage 200 functionality, improving picking, packing and despatching speed and efficiency:

- Consolidated barcodes for pick by priority, delivery country code or custom analysis code such as order type, channel or shipping service

- Includes box dimensions, weight using integrated scales, and shipping service selection

- Integration to Royal Mail OBA and BIG interfaces for 24/48 tracked deliveries and rest of the world services

- Integration to Metapack and Route Genie for automated courier selection

- Allocates stock, dispatches, invoices and posts in one step automatically allocating to the sales receipt if used in conjunction with one of our integration offerings.

Royal Mail Integration

We can help you to fully integrate with all Royal Mail delivery services, working seamlessly with our Pick / Despatch module:

- Full integration into all Royal Mail delivery services

- Tracking code management for 24/48 services

- Generation of Royal Mail labels including the new 2D CMDM barcodes

- Upload of all consignment details and automated generation of manifest information

Metapack/Route Genie Integration

Metapack/Route Genie Integration software allows you to automatically send consignment details at the point of despatch, generate and print service selected courier labels and automatically produce end-of-day manifests.

This all works seamlessly with our Pick/Despatch module for a fully integrated customisable shipping solution.


We can help you to implement our totally customisable EDI solution for Orders, Acknowledgements, Shipments and Invoices. Specific functionality includes:

- Communication using EDIFact, Tradacomms, BASDA Ebis XML, custom CSV and XML

- Global, customer, or supplier specific FTP, secure FTP, or VAN data delivery services

Stock Forecasting / Optimised Purchasing

Forecast stock levels or sales based on previous years' sales data or manually entered/imported forecast data. You can easily recognise pinch points and generate purchasing suggestions based on supplier lead time, order quantities, warehouse levels and much more. This also helps you to:

- Organise overseas per-supplier purchase suggestions into containers based on item CBMs with predefined fill ratios and minimum fill level / maximum warehouse level

- Automatically generate suggested Purchase Orders and documentation.

Report Automation

This software helps you to automate your reports for email delivery using standard scheduling software. It allows the creation of report delivery email groups, allows the passing of parameters into reports based on static data or generated via integrated scripting capability. You can also choose your report format to suit your needs, including Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF.


Our award-winning Sage 200 integration software was winner of the Sage Innovation Award 2013. It follows the totally amendable concept of Sage 200 and operates as a fully customisable integration tool for business partners and developers. Functionality includes:

- Integrate sales orders, shipments and inventory between Sage 200 and Amazon, Channel Advisor, Ebay, Magento and Shopatron as well as custom company defined CSV/XML formats for website, POS or internal process information exchange, externally fulfilled (Amazon FBA) order functionally fully supported

- Import and export of all Sage 200 information with user defined fields / field mapping, c# scripting with multiple injection points

- Can be used as a development environment for integration services, allowing the user/developer to reference and utilise functionality from standard Sage 200 and custom user provided assemblies.

- Run within a standard Windows console or as a Windows service with each integration schedulable individually through its powerful internal scheduler or the Microsoft Task Scheduler

Transport Management

Our Transport Manager product allows the planning and total control of sales order deliveries and collections based on post code, region, due date, order allocation status and various other parameters. You can:

- Create delivery loads, assign vehicles, drivers, routes, maximum weight and dimensions

- Automate credit checking and recording/scheduling of customer booking information

- Generate labels, pick sheets, vehicle loading sheets and delivery / collection manifest documentation

- Despatch, invoice and post a delivery load as a single unit, record failed and successful collections and receive returned stock, record failed deliveries and assign failure reason codes for later analysis. It also allows for partial order despatch and invoicing

- Includes serial number and batch traceability functionality

- Integration with mapping services such as Autoroute, Bing Maps and Google Maps

- Works in conjunction with Detrack online proof of delivery service for tablet based delivery recording.