Scriptless Sage 200 Customisation

May 2, 2016

As Sage 200 developers we’re all very aware the need to generate a simple “stub” script to hook into the instantiation of a Sage 200 amendable form in order to control its customisation, these scripts usually look something like: Imports Tilted.Sage200.Magento.Customisations.Stock Module addInModule Public Sub main Dim o as...

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Extending Sage 200 Lists and Grids

February 4, 2016

Below are a couple of really useful extensions that can be improved upon to include many different types of column and amendable control, though you will have to manipulate the returned column when dealing with more complex lookup controls. public static Sage.ObjectStore.Controls.GridColumn AddNumericColumn(this Sage.ObjectStore.Controls.Grid Grid, string Caption, string DisplayMember)...

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Loosely Coupled Sage 200 Addons

January 27, 2016

Sage 200 developers have a bit of a problem, we want to be able to share functionality across multiple addons but we don’t want to install all addons / assemblies every time we do an installation. Although what we detail below has always been possible it was made far...

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